Bajo | Cuva | Cohen | Turkel Obtains $140 Million Verdict in Hulk Hogan Invasion of Privacy Case Against Gawker

Attorneys Ken Turkel and Shane Vogt convinced a Pinellas County jury to award Terry Bollea, professionally known as Hulk Hogan, $55 million in economic damages and another $60 million in damages for emotional distress.  The jury awarded an additional $25.1 million in punitive damages, making the verdict one of the largest contested verdicts in Pinellas County history.  Mr. Bollea sued Gawker Media for publishing a video recorded without his knowledge or consent.  The firm prosecuted Mr. Bollea’s claims for invasion of privacy and misappropriation of likeness and presented his case during a two week jury trial.

Watch Mr. Vogt’s opening statement here (opens in new window).
Watch Mr. Turkel’s closing argument here (opens in new window).

The trial received media attention from around the world.  Here are just a few of the articles:

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Mr. Turkel and Mr. Vogt were profiled in The Hollywood Reporter with the rest of Mr. Bollea’s legal team:

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